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How to find the data you need for value-based care reportingSearching for answers as the industry moves away from fee-for-service
What if patients owned their own records?With electronic health records (EHRs) proving to be incompatible and interoperability still a long way off, some have suggested that moving ownership of patient records to the patient via a cloud-based portal or other universally accessible system might be the answer.
Physicians leaving profession over EHRs
Physicians leaving profession over EHRsMany doctors uncomfortable with using the technology are exiting the biz
Does ONC’s latest announcement move interoperability any closer to reality?What the TEFCA announcement means for interoperability and doctors long-term.
Are blockchain and AI the keys to unlocking interoperability in healthcare?
Are blockchain and AI the keys to unlocking interoperability in healthcare?. EHRs were intended to be a way to better track health data for hospitals, payers and physicians. Although they have good intentions, they often end up causing more problems than they solve.
Here's how to report quality data through an ACOValue-based pay adds to physicians’ paperwork burdens, but the right accountable care organizations can help
6 reasons it's critical to have an IT emergency plan in placeWith small practices largely outsourcing tech support, it’s critical they take steps to be prepared
ONC unveils step toward ‘interoperability for all’Proposed Trusted Exchange Framework aims to make sharing healthcare data a clearer reality.
Best Funny Bone Comics of 2017
Best Funny Bone Comics of 2017In between the headache that is healthcare for physicians these days, Medical Economics has tried to insert some laughter into the crazy and hectic lives of our readers through our Funny Bone Comics. Click through to see which cartoons you got the most joy and laughs from this past year.
Top 10 challenges facing physicians in 2018
Top 10 challenges facing physicians in 2018Many physicians are relieved to see 2017 come to an end.