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HIMSS recognizes software to track and manage immunization dataTracking, reporting, and organizing immunization-related data is difficult but can improve patient care. HIMSS has recognized several products through its voluntary testing program that can do that job and work with electronic health record systems.
“Cancer vaccine” heads to human trialsA therapy that uses the immune system to fight cancer has been 97% effective in mice and is moving to human trials.
New program aims to streamline vaccine reporting, administrationA new program developed with the support of CDC aims to streamline vaccine-related functions in EHRs to make administration and reporting easier for clinicians.
New shingles vaccine approved, recommended highly by ACIPThere is a new vaccine against shingles, and ACIP has recommended that it replace its predecessor.
Genes, age may play a role in flu shot effectivenessA new study reveals that certain genes may play a role in how effectively the body produces antibodies against the flu after vaccination.
Poll: Online vaccine questions, side effect concerns risePatients are increasingly turning to the Internet to have questions about vaccines answered, highlighting the need for increased education at the time of vaccination.
Unvaccinated adult travelers pose measles riskAdults who don’t know they need or refuse measles vaccinations before international travel introduce more than half of new U.S. measles cases.
MIT researchers develop one-shot vaccine seriesImagine if you could administer an entire vaccine series in just one shot. That technology might be on the horizon, thanks to researchers at MIT.
Seniors still make up the bulk of flu cases, hospitalizationsThose age 65 and older faced the most cases of the flu and were most often hospitalized during the 2016-17 season, according to new CDC data.
Caterpillars may edge out chicken eggs for vaccine productionRegardless of whether the chicken or the egg came first, the caterpillar may have the edge when it comes to vaccine production, a new report finds.