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physician writing contest

The myth of the ideal day for physiciansThe myth of the ideal day
The long journey to eventual work-life balance2017 Physician Writing Contest: Honorable mention
Finding time for a personal life outside of medicine2017 Physician Writing Contest winners - First Place
My attempt at work-life balance2017 Physician Writing Contest winners - Third Place
Work-life balance: A laudable—and laughable—goal2017 Physician Writing Contest winners - Second Place
Reflections on medicine from a duly registered and certified curmudgeonSo much garbage. So little time.
Borrowing from the theater to aid your practice's patient relationsI’ve never acted but I enjoy the theater, and so in order to make each second with my obstetrics patients count, I’ve come to think of them as patrons at a show watching a short play.
2017 Annual Physician Writing Contest
2017 Annual Physician Writing ContestWe are seeking your real-life stories that can move, teach, and inspire other physicians. Your story could win $2,500…
How I learned to love my EHR and spend more time with patientsOne of my favorite consultants is an orthopedist. His reports consist of five lines or less.
Lunch is for losersTaking a customer service approach to practicing medicine means happier patients and physicians