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MACRA cuts back health IT criteria for physiciansMedicare reimbursement reform efforts bring pros and cons for healthcare technology use
President Trump to take healthcare in new direction
President Trump to take healthcare in new directionExperts say the impact on policy will likely be greater than on individual physicians and practices
Your Voice: MACRA will be the death of Medicare
How doctors can overcome payment obstacles in 2017
How doctors can overcome payment obstacles in 2017Chart your financial future
Where is the future of primary care headed?While the transition may be rocky, primary care physicians are poised to take a leading role as care models change
Physicians Should Just Say ‘No’ to MACRA
Physicians Should Just Say ‘No’ to MACRAI can't recall the exact moment I crossed over from believer in today's version of the healthcare quality movement to skeptic.
Guide to understanding MACRATrying to make sense of the Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act of 2015? We're here to help.
Nine things healthcare executives should know about MACRAAlthough CMS released the final rule for MACRA in October, there is still quite a bit of confusion.
Post-election top policy changes to watch in 2017While every new year brings change, with Donald Trump elected to become the next president, managed healthcare executives will see more changes than usual in 2017.
MACRA changes physician reimbursement modelThe new “MACRA” system, underway as of January 2017, massively changes the way physicians are paid under Medicare and will impact pediatricians indirectly but substantially, say experts.