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PCPs fall short on making rehab referrals for COPD patientsLess than 10% of eligible COPD patients were referred to pulmonary rehabilitation programs, according to a new UK study.
New study links congenital lung variations to COPDLong-thought to be primarily caused by smoking and other exposures, scientists now believe that congenital changes to lung tissues with a genetic link may also be to blame.
Home-based coaching can help COPD patients get moving, avoid hospitalizationTailored health coaching services can help keep COPD patients moving and avoid exacerbations, according to a new report.
Certain bronchodilators can increase cardiovascular risks in COPD patientsStudy: Certain bronchodilators may lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in COPD patients at onset of starting therapy.
Incidence, severity of COPD exacerbations increasingFrench study shows that ICU admissions for and mortality from severe COPD exacerbations are increasing despite improved management methods.
Three-item questionnaire could help predict COPD exacerbationIn a small single-center study, a breathlessness, cough and sputum score of 5.0 or greater was a good predictor of exacerbation risk.
Study finds hike in pneumonia for COPD patients receiving corticosteroidsComorbid CVD is an independent risk factor for CAP in patients with COPD. And inhaled steroids may increase CAP risk.
New COPD guidelines tout bronchodilators and antibioticsUse inhaled corticosteroids sparingly and only in these circumstances in patients with COPD. Details here.
Two tools could help identify undiagnosed significant COPDThe CAPTURE questionnaire along with a peak flow test could assist primary care physicians with severe COPD diagnosis.
No link between long-term oxygen, improved mortality for stable COPDPatients with stable COPD already using supplemental oxygen should discuss continued use with their physician.