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Your Voice: Concern over hospitalists solvedHospitalists concerns, JAMA and the opioid crisis are the hot topics in this edition of Your Voice.
CMS must stop manipulating small practicesThe federal government must rethink its strategy of working to put small medical practices out of business.
Medicare payment reform threatens independent practiceCritics of MACRA fear MIPS’s extensive reporting requirements, and physicians who choose the APM route may be signing the death warrant for their practices.
How physicians can prepare for the new ICD-10 codesNew ICD-10 procedure and diagnosis codes—added as a result of the thawing of a partial code freeze in effect since 2011—are coming October 1.
5 tips to prepare your practice for the end of the ICD-10 grace periodThe ICD-10 grace period officially ends on October 1; however, only time will tell if—and when—payers begin to demand greater specificity. In the meantime, consider these five tips to ensure compliance in the short and long term.
How group visits can improve chronic condition managementWith preparation and team effort, group sessions can be a revenue stream, improve care and boost patient satisfaction.
The next ICD-10 hurdle: Prepare for payer scrutinyWhat’s changing about coding in October, and what physicians need to do to prepare.
Election season giving you anxiety? We've got a pill for thatIs this election causing you lots of stress (let's be honest, you know it is)? Then we've got a pill for you!
Make smarter decisions with practice benefit dollarsHow to build an attractive employee benefit package that doesn’t break the bank.
Tips for physicians who also need to be consumer advocatesPatients are on the hook for more of their healthcare costs, prompting calls for doctors to get involved.