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6 considerations before joining an APMChances are, many independent medical practices are participating in Medicare’s Quality Payment Program through the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) in 2017.
Physicians, patients must unite for major healthcare changeFor physicians, the main concern isn’t deciphering what a payer—government or commercial—feels is “quality” or collecting the data to prove the metrics are being met. The overarching question is whether this is really good for patients.
How can doctors cure America’s ‘sickness’?Doctors can play a key role in addressing the ills of healthcare in the U.S., according to journalist and physician Elisabeth Rosenthal
Fighting Back: Top tips for physicians to take on value-based careCome out swinging for patients.
8 ways doctors can save money on individual disability insuranceThere are ways doctors can save significant money on occupation disability insurance.
Let’s revisit documentation cloningCan you help us explain the seriousness of cloning to our physicians?
How to find a satisfying work–life balance2017 Physician Writing Contest - Honorable Mention
Top 7 tips for small practices to invest in technologyNew tools can help grow or run a practice, but be sure they also help the bottom line
MIPS questions every practice should answerTo succeed under the Meritbased Incentive Payment System (MIPS), physicians must embrace transforming how their practice does business to succeed with value-based pay.
Your Voice: How the ABMS can truly fix MOC