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JAMA study a slap in the face to physiciansAMA recently published an article with findings from a study alleging an association between free meals for physicians and an increased rate of prescribing the branded drugs discussed during a lunch or dinner meeting. Of course, it wasn’t until you got to the very end of the piece that the authors came clean and admitted that there is no actual cause-and-effect relationship present.
How physicians can take charge, protect autonomy and put patients firstHealthcare’s transition to value-based payments is ratcheting up the pressure on independent medical practices battling for survival, and data is the ammunition they need to have any chance of winning.
The invasion of third parties into DPC is highly worrisomeDPC, billing confusion and defensive medicine are the hot topics in this issue's Your Voice.
Tips to understand EHR note cloningQ: Where can I find specific guidance on cloning and electronic health record (EHR) issues?
Concierge medicine becomes an option in reform eraOnce considered medicine for the rich, concierge practice may be worth exploring for doctors facing today’s challenges
The wearable future comes to medical practicesSmart glasses and other wearable technologies could become as ubiquitous in the exam room as a stethoscope or blood pressure cuff, giving doctors not only another tool to deliver quality care but helping to bolster their personal connections with patients.
MIPS explained: 4 categories physicians must masterNew Medicare payment system still coming into focus, but practices should act now.
The man behind MOC defends the program against critics“Patients respect certification a lot more than reviews on Yelp,” says ABIM president in an exclusive interview.