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Obamacare hasn’t solved the challenge of uninsured patientsIt will cost a lot to solve the challenge of covering the 30 million Americans who are still uninsured despite the Affordable Care Act.
Disappointed in Gruber comments on ObamacareIn the latest batch of letters to the editor, Obamacare and disturbing technological advances are at the top of mind.
Top 8 tips to reboot your practiceWith all the pressures facing independent practices—from adjusting to value-based payments to meeting the growing demands of patients—business innovators may provide some key practice management lessons.
Obamacare receives a big, fat 'F' from physiciansAnalysts and the nation’s physicians weigh in on how the Affordable Care Act has affected the daily practice of medicine
How physicians can improve coding and increase revenueFive areas physicians should keep an eye on to optimize reimbursement for the remainder of 2016.
How to harness the power of patient-generated dataPractices have been collecting this data for decades—and now is the time to start using it.
Understanding liability as an attending physicianWith more and more hospitals in recent years evolving their own employees into attending physician roles, this appellate decision clarifies the parameters of everyone’s responsibilities—and the need for specificity in determining duties and protocols when a private attending physician is in charge.