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New administration may mean new approach to HITExperts discuss how the federal government will approach technology during Trump presidency
It’s time for everyone to stop talking interoperability and actually achieve itIt’s time for healthcare to learn from other industries and make solutions for physicians available at the touch of a button
If medical devices could talk...Devices generate their own forms of data, most of which aren’t compatible with EHRs
Marketing tips for healthcare practicesMarketing efforts on behalf of doctors should be approached with care.
Your Voice: The answer to better healthcare is Medicare for all
Why are doctors still waiting for interoperability?Why EHR interoperability remains an elusive goal
Get ready for the next round of federal HIPAA auditsWith the government conducting a new round of HIPAA privacy and security audits in 2017, small medical practices need to be prepared
Tips for physicians to purchase the right malpractice insuranceWhat physicians must know when shopping for coverage
How investors can overcome loss aversionLoss aversion is an all too-human tendency to place an irrational premium on things we possess
What will the EHR industry look like in five years?The electronic health record industry might look markedly different than it does today
New facility fees rule could slow practice acquisitionsHospital systems may no longer be quite as eager to acquire independent medical practices now that the government is scaling back a significant financial incentive for doing so
New state laws let patients refuse opioid prescriptionsFour states have passed laws allowing patients to insert directives into their medical records saying they refuse their physicians’ prescriptions for opioids.
Making drug disposal as easy as 1-2-3If a practice does not have a robust drug disposal program, it may inadvertently put patients, staff and the surrounding community at risk
The long journey to eventual work-life balance2017 Physician Writing Contest: Honorable mention
Chronic care management services provided by independent contractorCan Medicare be billed for third-party chronic care management services?
How to measure up for value-based careUsing registry data to elevate benchmarking and performance