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Your Voice Frustrations from quality metrics remain intactQuality metrics, MOC and physician income are the hot topics readers are talking about in this issue of Your Voice.
How physicians can negotiate narrow networksLeverage your value.
How to bill and code transitional care management the right wayOur office is having a difficult time reaching patients within the required two business days from discharge for transitional care management (TCM) codes. Will this preclude us from billing the codes when all of the other criteria are met?
How physicians can deal with high-deductible plansUnderstand the clinical and legal risks surrounding these plans that require patients to pay more up front.
How to make population health workExperts explore the operational requirements, from care coordination to patient engagement.
Step-by-step approach to HIPAA complianceThere are more than 50 policies that medical practices may have to implement to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), so it’s no wonder meeting these requirements may appear overwhelming, especially for smaller practices with limited time and resources.
The future of the Affordable Care ActAs the 2016 election heads for the home stretch, what will a new administration mean for the ACA?
Medicare overpayment rule leaves practices scramblingThe government wants physicians to identify overpayments, but many say the responsibilities remain unclear.
Top 11 ways physicians can get the most out of CME on a budgetTips to get the most for your continuing medical education spending.
GOP Doctors Caucus looking at ambitious 2016Last year, U.S. representatives Phil Roe, MD, (R-Tennessee) and John C. Fleming, MD, (R-Louisiana) learned an important lesson about the power of the GOP Doctors Caucus to affect legislation.