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How to find the right tech tools for population managementElectronic health record systems were not designed for population health, but help is on the way.
Do I have to choose between an EHR and patient satisfaction?EHR use, MOC and the 2016 presidential election are the hot topics of the latest issue of Your Voice.
How physicians can get paid for home visitsDOWLING Contributing author GETTING PAID FOR HOME VISITS Renee Dowling is a billing and coding consultant with VEI Consulting in Indianapolis, Indiana. Send your coding questions to: I am in private practice and recently did a home visit, one-hour evaluation for the first time. What is the code for the initial home visit and then subsequent visits?
Anger is fraying the doctor-patient relationshipAn exclusive physician poll shows practices face more patient anger, and the cause is largely financial anxiety.
How urgent care relates to physicians practicesAn in-depth look into how these new care collaborators can complement, not compete, with your services.
Physicians: Don't skip your security risk assessmentUntil they’ve opened a letter from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) notifying them that their practice is being audited for HIPAA compliance, many physicians don’t realize the gravity of the situation their practices may be facing.
How physicians can prepare now before CMS removes the ICD-10 safety netOn October 1, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ grace period for denials of claims under ICD-10 will end. Physicians will do well to recognize that while the updated and expanded standards for coding specificity offer a new level of accuracy, they may also affect the bottom line.
What single-payer healthcare would mean to doctorsSenator Bernie Sanders has revived debate, but experts say it remains an unlikely dream in the United States.