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Population health's impact on private practiceManaging populations presents challenges to small practices that require innovation and careful planning.
USPSTF doing a disservice to physicians and patientssome of The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations cause confusion among patients and physicians and lull them into a complacent attitude toward preventive care.
The population health challengeFee-for-service medicine is on the way out. That may be hard to believe if most of your income still comes from such payments, which reward physicians for the volume of services they provide. But it’s clear that payers are increasingly emphasizing reimbursement methods that reward value, rather than volume—and that that transition is accelerating.
MOC is crazy and unfairRecertification is all the buzz in the latest edition of Your Voice.
How to prevent malpractice lawsuits due to EHR errorsThe rise of electronic health records that don’t always work well can lead to liability risks if managed incorrectly.
How to capturing chronic care revenue with an IT infrastructureWhen Curtis Story, MD, a solo primary care physician in Port Charlotte, Florida, first heard that Medicare would begin paying physicians for offering patients chronic care management (CCM), he was optimistic that the additional revenue would bolster his practice for work it was already doing. But more than a year later, he has yet to bill for CCM.
How to understand medical necessity and how it controls physician paymentA lot of the questions and answers I see in Coding Insights involve “medical necessity.” Who defines this? How does this directly impact payments?
Physician-assisted suicide up for debateWhat role should physicians have in states where assisted suicide is allowed?
Do you need malpractice tail coverage?In today’s evolving healthcare system, physicians are changing practice settings more often than ever.
Government, payers working to streamline quality measuresIn the average medical practice, the burden on physicians to meet differing quality measurement standards set by payers is substantial. Commercial health plans, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and state Medicaid managed care plans all have different metrics for evaluating quality care.
How to choose the best physician disability insurance policyPhysicians are some of the hardest working individuals in the country. Years of rigorous training culminate in long hours at the practice. Even physicians can overlook the importance of protecting their ability to earn a living. When something as trivial as a sprained wrist can prevent a doctor from completing their daily tasks, disability insurance becomes a real consideration.
Surviving the transition from independent physician to employedEmployees give up some control but gain freedom from paperwork along with new career opportunities