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How one practice conquered burnoutThree strategies for prevention of burnout
HIT experts: Don’t expect Silicon Valley to launch new EHRsAlthough health IT experts are excited about the possible offerings that these tech giants could deliver, they also say they don’t expect any of them to launch their own EHR products.
Your Voice: Foolish to presume doctors earn too much, others deserve more
When is appropriate to offer medical advice?
Help uninsured patients without hurting your practicePhysicians may increasingly face the predicament of wanting to provide care for patients in need while also needing to protect their practice finances.
Doctors are notably absent from D.C. healthcare discussionsWashington D.C. continues to turn to politicians instead of physicians to enact meaningful change. That must stop immediately.
Managing heart disease: Improve coding and quality scoresBy focusing on heart disease prevention and management, physicians can improve outcomes and be paid more while doing so.
Are Apple and Amazon tech ‘saviors’ or same old story?Apple, Google and other tech giants are moving into health IT, but regulatory hurdles could stunt innovation