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Penalizing doctors for pharma ties is a misguided overreach of powerSometimes when trying to fix one problem, you end up creating many, many more.
Your Voice: The ‘false promise’ of EHRs a major barrier to quality patient care
This is why value-based care is not going away this yearValue-based care has maintained broad support, even in the highly partisan atmosphere in Washington
Pros and cons of keeping patient credit cards on fileKeeping credit card information on file can ensure patients pay their bills and that those payments come through promptly, but it comes with risks.
Keys to improve clinical documentationRecognition of the pivotal role that outpatient clinicians and documentation play in meeting value-based care objectives is driving support for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs in the physician practice setting.
2018 ChangeMakers in medicineThere is a special group of physicians who work tirelessly to improve the lives of their patients, their own medical practice and the well-being of their community. To us, those physicians are ChangeMakers.
Building technology to let physicians take control of their careersAlexi Nazem is chief executive officer and cofounder of Nomad Health, a healthcare technology startup designed to connect freelance physicians with locum tenens work.
DPC is here to stayMedical Economics spoke with Forrest on his motivations for starting a DPC practice and where he sees the movement heading.
Focusing on the health needs of womenLisa Larkin, MD, has started two practices from scratch, directed a university-based women's health center, helped to start a regional consortium for sexual medicine, and survived breast cancer.
Innovative solutions for tackling the opioid crisisThe skyrocketing number of Americans dying from opioid overdoses has physicians, public health officials and politicians scrambling for ways to stem the epidemic.
Shining light in a dark placePamela Wible wants physicians to start talking about the issue of doctor suicides
Don't MOC himTired of preparing for a Maintenance of Certification (MOC) test that didn’t reflect his skills or what he practiced on a daily basis, Paul Teirstein, MD, set out to create an alternative to the process.
Fostering the next generation of physicians"People always ask me where I find the time, but you know what, I make the time to teach these students."