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Physicians can’t serve patients aloneFace it: Patients today are OK with not seeing a physician when it comes to their care.
Your Voice: Doctors can be paid to put patient care on back burner
Why behavioral health is the new frontier in primary careAdjusting to value-based models, practices seek ways of integrating mental health providers
Scrambling to make a meaningful connectionIt’s more difficult than ever to connect with patients. One physician explains why its worth the effort.
Congress seeks to help patients overcome high deductiblesA new bill in Congress is designed to help overcome one of the most challenging barriers patients face when accessing care: the out-of-pocket cost.
Pitfalls in terminating a patient relationshipPhysicians sometimes face the prospect of dismissing patients from their practice. It’s not easy, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.
Google health search goes back to medical schoolTwo physicians test out what the tech giant says is an improved search function for responding to patient inquiries
Deciphering the complex world of Medicare payment models
Tips for sharing performance pay with practice staffWith value-based reimbursement coming, its time to consider how and when to share the rewards with employees
How to bill drug reconciliationI spend a tremendous amount of time reconciling medications with and for my patients. I don’t see a specific “data” indicator for this in the decision-making tables. How do I account for this?