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Physicians have fought against fake news for yearsYou may blame it for the results of the presidential election. You may see it as the byproduct of the Internet run amok.
Your Voice: Balancing rules empathy and apologies
What physicians should know about chronic care management changesAre there other services that we can’t bill if we are billing chronic care services?
Borrowing from the theater to aid your practice's patient relationsI’ve never acted but I enjoy the theater, and so in order to make each second with my obstetrics patients count, I’ve come to think of them as patrons at a show watching a short play.
MACRA cuts back health IT criteria for physiciansMedicare reimbursement reform efforts bring pros and cons for healthcare technology use
How to succeed under MIPSWith major changes coming to Medicare this year, doctors must decide now how to tackle payment reform
Patient discounts the fine line between leniency and liabilityReducing fees out of kindness should be done properly to avoid potential legal problems
Floridas suicide ruling puts physicians at riskDecision could hold doctors liable for something they have little control over
President Trump to take healthcare in new directionExperts say the impact on policy will likely be greater than on individual physicians and practices
DPC is a crazy ideaDirect primary care is insane...right?! I don't understand its logic.