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Pharma companies don’t need your focus; your patients do
Telehealth as a competitive edge, not a competitor's advantageRather than presenting a challenge to small medical practices, telemedicine can present an opportunity.
Improve your claim denial managementDenials continue to frustrate medical practices. That’s why focusing on the 90 percent that are avoidable is important. That’s where the hidden revenue lies.
DIY TelemedicineThe policies, technology, security, and reimbursement guidelines a practice needs in place to make telemedicine work
How to select the right telemedicine vendorAs more practices consider offering telemedicine, both the big picture and the small details matter.
Why gun violence is a public health problemACP’s president, Jack Ende, outlines the organization’s stance not against guns, but rather firearm violence
Managing physician risk in a costly worldPractice owners should stay vigilant in maintaining their risk mitigation strategies
Medicare abuse and home healthcareSet policies to protect your practice
Telemedicine licensure and related challenges for physiciansHealthcare providers engaged in providing telemedicine services must carefully navigate numerous regulatory obstacles.
Prior authorization bill seeks to address ‘cumbersome’ processA bipartisan bill introduced in Congress in January could help improve patient care while saving doctors time by allowing for electronic prior authorizations of Medicare Part D prescriptions.
Adding more ‘screen time’ for physicians must come with cautionTechnology has the power to connect, but also the power to divide, as physicians well know.
The eroding trust between patients and physiciansWhy the relationship is strained and what doctors can do to strengthen the connection
Coding case study: Hypertension and obesityConsider this clinical scenario
How physicians can stretch their college dollarsSaving for college is one thing, but making the most out of those savings is something else entirely.