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Physicians need immediate relief from patient data disconnectPhysicians’ ongoing struggle to gain much-needed patient data is just that: ongoing.
How to find the data you need for value-based care reportingSearching for answers as the industry moves away from fee-for-service
Thank you for defense of physicians who talk with pharma reps
Regulators focus on reducing physician EHR burdenNational Coordinator Don Rucker on why figuring out system problems is similar to diagnosing a patient’s illness
Strengthening revenue cycle performanceAs practices face the daunting task of implementing the infrastructure needed to meet new value-based care objectives while simultaneously juggling business-as-usual, every minute and each investment matters.
What if patients owned their own records?With electronic health records (EHRs) proving to be incompatible and interoperability still a long way off, some have suggested that moving ownership of patient records to the patient via a cloud-based portal or other universally accessible system might be the answer.
Understanding how RVUs benefit independent physiciansThe transition to value-based payments raises an important question: What role, if any, will relative value units (RVUs) play in physician reimbursement in the future?
When an E/M code can be billed with a physical on the same dayClarifying the usage of evaluation and management codes