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    Your Voice: MOC is a farce ripe for repeal

    enjoyed the article, “Maintaining Certification: Gold standard or is luster tarnished?” (First Take, July 10, 2017), and the tenacity against the maintenance of certification (MOC) farce. I remember applying to take family medicine boards in 1996 while I finished my residency. At that time, we were required to submit several board questions, pay a fee to take boards and fly across the country to the testing site. 


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    It seemed to me then that board certification had value. I knew many respected doctors in our hospital who were not board certified, however.

    Today, our local hospital requires board certification. Many of the HMOs I accept require board certification. Many of the local doctors in my community that I (and other physicians) consider incompetent are board certified. Maintenance of certification is a joke in the medical community. This is clearly not a creation of physicians who wanted to impress upon their patients and peers that they are skilled at their craft. 

    Recently, I completed a MOC module on cardiovascular disease. I spent most of my time on busy work—
    imputing patient demographics from ICD-10 codes to medications. Do I put my patients with heart disease on aspirin, statins and beta blockers? Was this module put together by a grade-school teacher? 


    In case you missed it: MOC-limiting laws spreading to additional states


    Even if I did not perform these necessary tasks, I would have figured out how to fill out the other 38 patient forms after answering the first two. 

    I look forward to the repeal of maintenance of certification.

    David G. Patterson, DO
    Flat Rock, Michigan

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    • UBM User
      Board Certification is a money making machine off the backs of working physicians. BC is not about quality. BC is not about improving healthcare delivery or reducing costs. Its about making millions of $ off MD's. The Specialty Colleges are to blame, as they all support BC. The Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education allows members of the ABMS to sit on the Board and write GME policies that push Board certification as the goal of residencies and fellowship, which directly benefit them financially. Taxpayers pay the $10 BILLION dollar a year cost of GME, so taxpayers are subsidizing the ABMS. Some members of the ACGME, are also members of the Joint Commission, the ACP, ACC and other accreditation organizations. There is collusion and corruption among these organizations that is mutually beneficial to them, at the expense of MD's & DO's and the general public who is knowingly lied to. (A cardiologist trained before 1990, when the gold standard in heart attack treatment was morphine and bed rest, are recognized as being BC today and have all the advantages and benefits that the BC business created. this is systemic DISCRIMINATION BY THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT, which is accepted by the AMA and Specialty Colleges. Organizations that should be looking out for our interest and that of our patients instead of screwing us over. I too see some of the worse patient management at the hands of BC physicians, many of whom do more than is needed, especially the hospital employed groups who require BC. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. why?? Because we physicians are a bunch of spineless wimps that allow the elites: deans, program directors and career academics(like-minded tools that make up the AMA, Sp colleges and other "leadership" organizations) to do as they please to us. You don't see dentists, lawyers or accountants being abused with their own BC rackets. No other country in the world requires BC, yet after increasing BC mandates we are still 43 in the world in healthcare quality and outcome. Where has BC made any noticeable difference? Its garbage and a joke, just like the U.S. medical establishment. Fight back. STOP joining or renewing your Specialty Colleges. Don't pay dues. Lets hit them where they only care about, MONEY. The "physicians" who have allowed the discrimination and abuse to fester are only interested in their academic and professional advancement. They lack the guts or decency to speak up against the fraud that is the Boards not to mention the collusion and corruption that benefits many of them as well. They are all hypocrites.

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