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    Recruiting physicians to grow a practice

    Q: I'm looking to grow my practice. What are some common hiring pitfalls that I should avoid when staffing physicians for my practice?

    A: First, don't fall in love with a resume. The fact that a candidate went to a particular medical school, residency, or fellowship program doesn't guarantee his or her success in a practice. Comprehensive interviewing, reference checking, and assessing his or her fit in your practice's culture need to play just as a big of a role in the hiring process as the resume.

    Second, avoid hiring for hiring's sake. Just because a physician indicates interest in becoming employed at your practice doesn't necessarily mean this individual is a good fit with your goals and needs. Make sure your candidate meets the needs of the open position. Sometimes you're better off not hiring until the right person comes along versus filling a vacancy with a warm body.

    Third, don't overpay/overspend. Use local benchmarks and national comparison compensation data to create a consistent platform for your practice and be sure to exercise fiscal restraint when making an employment offer to a qualified candidate. Remember, excessive spending doesn't always equal a successful hire in the long run.

    Lastly, don't be afraid to trust your instincts. If you don't feel confident about a candidate, walk away. It's better to keep looking for the right hire than to get involved in a bad deal.

    Answer provided by Thomas J. Ferkovic, RPh., MS, of SS&G Healthcare Services LLC, Akron, Ohio. Send your practice management questions to

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