Thank you for your interest in Medical Economics. We welcome queries and article submissions. The information below is intended to help you understand more about us and what we look for in the content we publish.

Basic facts

Print frequency: Twice monthly,

Audience: Primary care physicians (internists and family practitioners), cardiologists, and practice managers in office-based, independent practices.

Circulation: Approximately 188,000

Mission: To provide physicians and medical practice managers with practical, up-to-date advice, information and news of emerging trends they need to succeed in today’s fluid, highly competitive environment. All proposals and articles should be framed with this audience and these goals in mind, and should be original to Medical Economics.

Please note: We rarely report on specific products, or interview corporate executives or experts, except as part of larger trend stories.

Editorial guidelines

The best way to determine whether your article or pitch is right for Medical Economics is to read the magazine. Doing so will enable you to see the range of subjects we cover and the level of writing we seek. Current and past issues are available on our website, Articles are generally assigned to writers about two months in advance of their publication date. We publish several types of articles:

Feature articles: Reported articles of approximately 1500-2000 words, focusing on trends and challenges facing primary care practices. Typical subjects include emerging practice models, trends in payer reimbursements, developments in health information technology, laws and regulations governing privacy of patient data, developments in medical malpractice laws, etc.

Departments: Articles of approximately 800-1000 words focused on a specific area of concern to independent medical practices, such as billing and coding, law, technology, and finance. These are often written by practice consultants or others with expertise in the particular area.

Opinion: Essays of approximately 900-1,000 words, written by practicing physicians, expressing personal opinions on subjects related to healthcare and the practice of medicine. These are published in the departments “First Take” and “Final Word.”

Letters to the editor: Reactions/responses to articles published in Medical Economics, or thoughts regarding other topics of interest to practicing physicians.

Online: In addition to what appears in the magazine, we publish content on our website, Subject matter is the same as the magazine but content is generally limited to about 1,000 words and is more time-sensitive than content in the magazine. Material submitted to us sometimes may be used both online and in print, but we reserve the right to decide where to publish any content.

Contact information: Direct all article submissions, proposals letters to the editor and other inquiries to [email protected]