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3 key money matters for new medical practicesMany physicians don’t know where to begin when starting their own practice. Finding and getting referred to the right professional team often is the best first step.
Could your website be putting your medical license at risk?Failure to properly secure electronic Protected Health Information (PHI) can have drastic consequences.
Physicians struggle to manage quality measuresRead on to find out how physicians have been battling quality measures this year.
Top 11 advice physicians would give their younger selves
Top 11 advice physicians would give their younger selvesNo matter the profession, everyone wishes they could go back in time and provide sage wisdom to their younger selves to help ease the path that awaits them.
Holistic care, behavior contracts improve HIV patient outcomesTwo new reports investigate the impact of behaviors and comorbidities and how they affect health outcomes in HIV patients.
Study investigates causes of and remedies for HIV care disruptionsMany patients with HIV experience interruptions in care at some point in their disease.
Patients increasingly disrespectful to physiciansTo get ready, we are teasing each challenge and how it has affected the healthcare industry. Read on to find out how physicians have been struggling to manage patient satisfaction, and lack thereof, this year.
Fallout of the CVS/Aetna merger
Fallout of the CVS/Aetna mergerWhat the CVS-Aetna deal means for PCPs
Diabetes management means PCP, endocrinology partnershipComprehensive management of a patient's diabetes is much more than prescribing medication.
What primary care should know about prediabetes preventionSavvy management of prediabetes may help prevent the disease from occurring, says endocrinologist Thomas W. Donner, MD, of Johns Hopkins Medicine.