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To curb opioid abuse, new technologies must be embraced
To curb opioid abuse, new technologies must be embracedThe opioid epidemic is exacting a lethal toll on the country. We must redouble and accelerate efforts to slow—and hopefully reverse—the current opioid epidemic.
ONC unveils step toward ‘interoperability for all’Proposed Trusted Exchange Framework aims to make sharing healthcare data a clearer reality.
How to use price transparency to attract patients
How to use price transparency to attract patientsPrice transparency and sales funnels—what do these have in common?
5 ways to increase the value of a medical practiceTake steps throughout the life of the practice to ensure that it will ultimately appeal to buyers and command a good price.
Many physicians work when sick, but why?
Many physicians work when sick, but why?Why do doctors feel they need to stay on the job when ill?
Here's how CPC+ benefits patientsA discussion of the benefits and difficulties of the CPC+ program.
Exploring the link between atrial fibrillation and type 1 diabetesA recent study may be first of its kind to report association while also highlights an interesting gender difference in patients.
New study: Weight loss results in diabetes remissionU.K. study reveals that individuals who maintain a 10- to 30-pound weight loss might achieve diabetes remission, but U.S. authorities question such strict dieting.
Best Funny Bone Comics of 2017
Best Funny Bone Comics of 2017In between the headache that is healthcare for physicians these days, Medical Economics has tried to insert some laughter into the crazy and hectic lives of our readers through our Funny Bone Comics. Click through to see which cartoons you got the most joy and laughs from this past year.
Identifying the link between diabetes, environmental exposuresA new study points to higher risk in certain ethnic and lower socioeconomic populations due to exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals.