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Practice Management

DJ ophthalmologists in surgery by day, mixing music by night
DJ ophthalmologists in surgery by day, mixing music by nightTerry Kim, MD, and Anthony Aldave, MD, refuse to let their busy worklives get in the way of pursuing their hobbies. For 7 years, they’ve found a way to merge their professional and personal lives by DJing at ophthalmology meetings.
AHIP pilot program aims to improve doc directoriesAn accurate account of your provider roster is essential to driving value-based care, according to one expert.
Using measurement as the first step toward positive changeDon’t you love practice management software? Review the following categories and pick the one or two where your reports reveal you are most deficient and set improvement goals.

4 secrets to sustaining success in your practiceWhen success starts coming your way, the last thing you should do is take your foot off the gas. You must push even harder if you want the success to be sustainable.
Legal tips to avoid a lawsuit from knocking on your doorHaving a detailed paper-trail of your patient cases not only protects you should a lawsuit arise, but it may prevent also prevent a lawsuit in the first place.
How to ensure your new employees are on the right trackFind out how to get your new staff members started on the right foot from Day One.

7 indicators to optimize your practice's revenueWithin many physicians practices, there is a relatively untapped resource for optimizing revenue—business operations data. There has never been a better time to dive into this type of data—it can show both areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
Four ways to a better patient healthcare experienceCoordination is key in improving adherence and outcomes in patients with chronic conditions. Here’s how.
Advice to managers: 'Leave it better than you found it'From time to time I receive requests from a new manager or supervisor asking for any pearls of wisdom to help them as they begin their new role in the administrative field. They have the wide-eyed exuberance of youth, a child-like view at the practice they have been in for years and are now seeing for the first time with a “fresh snow” view: untouched, clean, white, gentle drifts of snow. Those of us who have been there realize they will soon see that what they are really looking at is end of winter: dirty snow and dreary, cloudy skies.
First take: Supporting PCMH in the value-based futureThe challenge for many practices is to provide PCMH without adequate funding as we wait for value-based programs to become more prevalent.