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Millennial trust is earned, not givenIn this First Take, Kyle Matthews, CMPE, discusses how millennials are weary of traditional institutions. Once you work to gain millennials' trust, they can be very loyal to your
Don’t skimp on your HIPAA risk assessmentIf you’ve ever been speeding down the highway, passed a police car, then slowed to well below the speed limit, hoping you wouldn’t get pulled over and handed a citation, then you are likely doing the same thing when it comes to your HIPAA compliance.

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Millennials in medicineThe millennials have arrived, and they are shaking up the workplace—including the practice of medicine.
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The last word Congress is final hurdle in removing EHR ‘gag clauses’Congress will likely move to forbid non-disclosure clauses in EHR contracts with healthcare providers, but final action won’t occur until 2016 when the House and Senate come together to align their different, more far-ranging proposals on EHRs.
Lessons learned from the ICD-10 transitionWe asked our ICD-10 Diary physicians to weigh in on the pros and cons of the new code set. Here's what they said.
Depressed diabetes patients at higher risk of comorbiditiesDepression, coupled with diabetes, can lead to poor clinical outcomes and a number of comorbidities, according to new research.