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Balancing today’s spending against saving for tomorrowSaving for the future and enjoying the present are two impulses that rarely go hand-in-hand. With Americans living longer, many worry that they may run out of money while still alive. Plan on averages, assumptions, and make a strategic plan in the years prior to retirement. Steven Podnos, MD, CFP offers advice on balancing saving for the future and paying for the present.
Business insurance coverage every physician should haveYour biggest risk and greatest exposure as a physician is in the area of professional services. But liability also can arise when it comes to the business side of a medical practice, however, and it is in this area where other types of coverage become highly important.
Streamlining your practiceWhy upgrading the workflows of your front desk, clinical practice and administrative functions are necessary to improve efficiency and gain time

Top 5 financial challenges facing physicians in 2015It shouldn’t be surprising that, in this constantly changing ecosystem, more practices are struggling to maintain financial homeostasis.