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Health Law & Policy

First take: Supporting PCMH in the value-based futureThe challenge for many practices is to provide PCMH without adequate funding as we wait for value-based programs to become more prevalent.
Tips to improve cyber security and protect your practice's finances
Tips to improve cyber security and protect your practice's financesSmall practices often have the weakest security, experts say, leaving physician vulnerable to considerable threats.
Financial strategies: Opportunities in year-end tax planningDon’t wait until April 15 to focus on tax planning for yourself and your practice. Here’s how to get off to a positive start on the 2016 tax season.

Making EHR alerts work for your practiceElectronic health record pop-up notices, intended to help physicians by providing timely reminders and alerts, could end up actually compromising patient care. Customizing the system and integrating it into the practice workflow is one of the best strategies for appropriately and efficiently using alerts—and avoiding potential alert fatigue.
The familial covenant between a doctor and his patientMedical Economics is proud to unveil the honorable mention entries in our 2015 Physician Writing Contest. We believe the essays exemplify what connecting with your patients is truly about, and demonstrate the levels of heart, determination, and empathy you strive to bring into every exam room, every day. Thanks for reading.
Legal and ethical considerations for managing your online reputationWith statistics showing that patients are increasingly going online for healthcare information, managing a physician’s online reputation within the confines of the law and policies regulating professional behavior is becoming more important than ever.

The last word: Will 21st Century Cures Act harm patient safety?In "The Last Word," John N. Frank talks about the future of the 21st Century Cures Act and how it could lead to an increase of medications in the marketplace.
Coding insights: ICD-10 follow-up: Unspecified codes and modifiersCoding and billing advice from the experts.
Top 10 challenges facing physicians in 2016
Top 10 challenges facing physicians in 2016Read about the ten challenges Medical Economics believes will be important to physicians in the upcoming year.
ICD-10: Know what to expect in 2016Stay on top of your ICD-10 training, as denials from private payers will likely increase well before next October.