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Is America’s Harvest Box a good idea?The USDA’s plans to ship pre-filled food boxes to Americans is well-intentioned, but has its flaws as well.
Don’t lecture physicians on ‘cautious prescribing’ of opioidsPhysicians answer to patients, not pharma, when it comes to the prescription of powerful opioids.
Physicians must advocate for themselves, individually and collectivelyMany physicians feel they don’t have a voice in the process. Here’s how to get one and make it heard.
Don't implode EHR use, improve itHealthcare is not returning to paper, so rather than complain about the digital obstacles in their way, physicians should put that energy into meaningful change.
Physicians face punishment for speaking out about non-physician careThe last thing Steven Maron, MD, expected when he was called into his administrator's office was to be fired.
Is the EHR an ill-conceived obsession?For drugs or medical devices to be approved, there must be evidence that benefit significantly outweighs risk. This is to protect the public. A glaring exception is today's EHRs, which were mandated by the 2009 HITECH Act.
Grading the Trump administration's healthcare initiatives
Grading the Trump administration's healthcare initiativesOne doc's perspective on how the White House has done when it comes to fixing healthcare.
The problem with diploma mills in medicine
The problem with diploma mills in medicinePerils of Replacing Physicians with Non-Physician Providers, Part 2
Physicians must care for themselves to truly help others
Physicians must care for themselves to truly help othersFive steps for physicians to start putting their health first.
Everything doctors need to know about CPC+ changes in 2018For 2018, there are changes to the requirements of CPC+. I will focus on the CPC+ electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs).