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Questions every physician should ask about their practice’s retirement planAs a physician, you’ve made a career out of improving the well-being of your patients. Make sure you’re setting your practice and yourself up with the tools needed to look after your own financial wellbeing.
10 money mistakes physicians must avoidImportant lessons from physicians and financial advisers who work for them.
A concierge physician's advice for battling burnoutEHRs can absorb your valuable time, hurt your bottom line and lead to burnout and a tragically foreshortened career.
Shining a Mirror on GripesAlthough it is the most fundamental of all things that physicians do, communicating has never been a teaching priority in medical school. The result is that we blame patients for our own deficiencies.
What physicians can do about the rising cost of insulinInsulin was invented to be affordable for most everyone, but patients continue to struggle for a key part of treating their diabetes.
Physicians have new tools for treating, monitoring diabetes2017 has seen two key advancements for diabetes patients, but affordability remains an issue.
What can truly be done to fix EHR woes?Read on to find out how EHRs have been affecting physicians this year.
Is a scribe right for you?A look at why more physicians are turning to medical scribes
Shared decision-making in HIV care lackingPatients with HIV report having little involvement in their care decisions, but many also report feeling too poorly educated about the options to want the choice.
Primary care is key for containing the next wave in HIV infectionsPrimary care may hold the key when it comes to early surveillance and treatment of new HIV infections.