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Your Voice: Physicians need to take back the medical profession from EHRs
The fight against paint-by-number medicinePhysicians constrained when payers put cost above care
A short-term route to long-term disaster for patients and physiciansThe message is if you can’t kill Obamacare, you can essentially break its spirit.
7 keys to a strong sexual harassment policyAs the spotlight continues to grow on workplace sexual harassment, it is more important than ever for medical practices to take the time to review their policies in order to help prevent or defend against sexual harassment claims.
Make social media part of your dispute resolution toolkitThe rise of social media has given medical practices a new tool for overcoming one of their biggest headaches: resolving disputes
Psychiatric collaborative care management may improve outcomes, boost revenueFinancial incentives exist for physicians and psychiatrists to collaborate when caring for patients with behavioral health disorders.
How to reduce patient no-showsPatient no-shows are a perennial problem for any medical practice or healthcare facility.
Is the EHR an ill-conceived obsession?For drugs or medical devices to be approved, there must be evidence that benefit significantly outweighs risk. This is to protect the public. A glaring exception is today's EHRs, which were mandated by the 2009 HITECH Act.
We need to focus on female healthIn this podcast, we spoke with Lisa Larkin, MD, on the need to focus on women's health in medicine.
More women than ever flocking to med school
More women than ever flocking to med schoolMedical school enrollment has traditionally been dominated by men-until now.