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Tips on how to put patients before electronic paperwork
Tips on how to put patients before electronic paperworkPhysicians offer tips to prevent the EHR from becoming a barrier to meaningful interactions
The road to hell is paved with good intentionsWhen the HITECH Act was passed and implemented throughout the healthcare industry, the architects of the law had good intentions.
3 key areas to clarify in an employment contractIn most states, non-compete covenants in physician contracts are enforceable if they are reasonable in their scope and duration.
Doctors gain from the advantages of both active and passive investingThe debate between active investment strategies, meaning hands-on investing with a portfolio manager’s help to beat the market, and passive investment, holding onto securities through the market’s ups and downs, is unlikely to subside any time soon.
HPI: Context and modifying factorsThe different elements of the history of present illness.
Why are EHRs still so terrible?
Why are EHRs still so terrible?Unfortunately, the federal government has pulled the pin and tossed it into the exam room, resulting in an explosion of inefficiency and a disruption in patient care and communication.
Understanding the connect between poverty, health and healthcare
Understanding the connect between poverty, health and healthcareHow should we be addressing the broader issue of population health?
Should patients be allowed to record their doctors?Smartphones are transforming professional conversations.
Reducing the burdens of technology can restore joy to physiciansWith thoughtful improvements to how technology is employed and measured, physicians can return to the joy of practice.
Physicians should look inward to keep from burning outHow one physician turned his recovery from burnout into a leadership program that’s shifted the culture in his medical system.