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10 strategies  to enrich  physicians’ lives
10 strategies to enrich physicians’ lives
MOC-limiting laws spreading to additional states
MOC-limiting laws spreading to additional statesAt least 21 states now have passed or considered bills to protect physicians who choose not to fulfill American Board of Medical Specialties requirements for Maintenance of Certification
Physicians imagine a better EHRPhysicians and other experts offered these ideas, from practical improvements for solving today’s problems to visionary suggestions that could dramatically change how they practice.
3 tips for developing a budget-friendly patient engagement strategyConsider these three tips to engage patients while being mindful of the practice’s budget
Is there a MOC for monks?No offense, but are you board certified to explain the meaning of life?
Think carefully before engaging patients via textAccording to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, physicians and patients can exchange unsecured emails as long as patients are aware of and accept any potential privacy and security risks.
Top 7 reasons women doctors need prenupsLady doctors, if you’ve taken Beyonce’s advice to heart and “put a ring on it,” then I have another message for you: Get a prenup.
Dr. Google is now Dr. Facebook adIn today’s world, “internet” and “privacy” feel like opposites that do not belong in the same sentence.
Are your CCM codes correct?Greater scrutiny of CCM services could be on the way, perhaps even denials. So physicians should ensure they are coding the right way the first time.
Looking ahead at MACRA/MIPS reporting for physicians
Looking ahead at MACRA/MIPS reporting for physiciansMore than 800,000 physician practices got a temporary pass on MACRA compliance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in May. But practitioners shouldn’t breathe easy just yet.