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Addressing the main cause of physician burnout
Addressing the main cause of physician burnoutThere is little argument that the EHR, and especially meaningful use of the EHR, are the main drivers of physician burnout and decreased productivity.
How to make health apps valuable for physicians and patientsEven if physicians aren’t convinced that mobile health (mHealth) apps are worthwhile, many of their patients are.
The true power of medicine
The true power of medicineThe best physicians heal their patients, but in turn, heal themselves and face the depths of human vulnerability and suffering, pursuing a meaning much greater than themselves.
Threats to Medicare funding jeopardize physician participationHow long they can play the Medicare payment shell game without simply walking away from the table?
The next malpractice crisis? Failure to recommend genetic testing could put doctors at risk
Coding for time vs. E/M elementsUnderstanding the nuances in E/M coding
Your Voice: Drug innovation should be applauded, not used to shame physicians
Understanding the need for long-term disability insuranceSecuring LTD coverage can be complicated, confusing and expensive. But insurance experts, advisers and physicians who’ve suffered injury or illness all agree: Doctors need it.
Make CCM work for your practiceWith the right preparation, chronic care management can create additional revenue
Outsourcing CCMFor practices without the resources to meet the billing requirements for chronic care management, outsourcing can obtain some of code’s clinical and financial benefits.