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Your Voice: Primary care must be the “bedrock” of healthcarePrimary care must be the “bedrock” of healthcare
A prescription to help cure high drug costs?Online outlets provide savings, but physician buy-in remains varied
Is work-life balance a reality for physicians?There’s no one-size-fits all answer to the question
Tips to control practice cash flowWith consumers responsible for more of their health bills, physicians must vigilantly control their revenue
Don’t forget to seek reimbursement for discarded drugsNot doing so leaves money on the table
How to improve diabetes outcomes under value-based careGood communication and creative thinking can lead to better patient results while boosting doctors’ quality scores
Here's how to tackle the challenges of care coordinationVirtually all primary care physicians engage in coordinated care to some degree, but the extra emphasis placed on it now by healthcare policymakers, along with new reimbursement models and reporting requirements, has primary care doctors looking for ways to improve how they coordinate care.
Finding time for a personal life outside of medicine2017 Physician Writing Contest winners - First Place
Slow and steady won't win MACRA race for physiciansThere are cogent reasons for healthcare professionals to amp up their participation in Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) as soon as possible
How to choose your HIPAA security officerIn smaller practices, the position of security officer is often filled by whoever appears to have the time to fill it.
Boundaries and balance: To thine own self be trueHow to achieve work-life balance is of keen interest to all physician readers
Patient engagement and diagnosis: bridging the communication gapEngaging patients and using plain language is one of the most effective ways to improve communication with patients, and therefore reduce the likelihood of malpractice incidents.
Butch saves the patient collections dayThe solution made simple.
My attempt at work-life balance2017 Physician Writing Contest winners - Third Place
Work-life balance: A laudable—and laughable—goal2017 Physician Writing Contest winners - Second Place