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88th annual Physician Report resultsThe 88th annual Medical Economics Physician Report illustrates the state of primary care today, providing information on physician income, productivity, malpractice costs and more.
88th annual Physician Report: Ambivalence wreaking havoc in primary careThe findings of the latest Physician Report reflect the sense of ambivalence among many primary care physicians regarding their chosen profession.
Your Voice: Physicians can save healthcare
Mr. President, physicians fight when things get toughPhysician numbers aren’t declining
10 ways to improve patient data securityMore than 80% of security breaches result from human errors
How to boost physician productivity through use of extendersNurse practitioners, physician assistants and others can increase practice revenue by up to 20% if used properly
How physicians can prepare for retirement at different career stagesPhysicians should adapt their financial planning based on life circumstances and goals
Hospital admissions: Coding scenarios to considerHow do you bill situations when you see the patient in the office and then direct the patient to go to the emergency department (ED)?
Why are women leaving medicine?The physician field remains largely male despite equality in medical school numbers
Revenue cycle management: Is it time to outsource?Is it time to outsource? Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of outsourcing vs keeping it in-house