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Everything to know about changes to chronic care management servicesThe Medicare Physician Fee Schedule updates and revisions contain several positive changes to chronic care management (CCM) services.
Data security: the 800-pound digital elephant in the room for physiciansAs you read this, someone somewhere is gaining unlawful entry to hundreds, possibly thousands, of patient records. And it could well be your patients’ data.
Your Voice: MACRA will fail... and here's whyMACRA will fail...and here's why
Top tips for protecting a practice from hackersA dedication to security efforts is the only way to keep patient data safe from outside threats
I followed all the rules and I still got hackedLast fall, on a typical busy Monday morning, with add-ons, walk-ins, and a packed schedule, I started to notice my computer network was sluggish and I was getting kicked off of my EHR several times throughout the day. We verified that there was no issue with our internet service provider, so I assumed that the sluggish network was a function of a busy Monday morning.
Too many drugs: solutions to polypharmacy problemsPhysicians discuss managing prescriptions for patients with chronic, comorbid conditions
Wearables and EHRs: 5 essential questionsWearable fitness devices such as smartwatches, activity trackers and other biometric sensors continue to grow in popularity. Physicians must determine whether and how to incorporate device-generated data into their practice’s electronic health record (EHR).
Reflections on medicine from a duly registered and certified curmudgeonSo much garbage. So little time.
New law makes doctors 'gatekeepers' of new drug usesThe 21st Century Cures Act signed into law late last year will place a greater onus on doctors to monitor and report results for new indications of previously approved drugs.
Why do doctors ignore hospital rankings?Some experts think physicians rely too much on personal connections and reputations when admitting patients
Fancy cybersecurity is a joke, who needs it anyway?My patients' data will be safe, I'm not worried.
5 steps to take after your practice suffers a data breach​Perhaps you thought it would never happen to an office your size, or that you were protected, but it’s happened anyway.
Here's why membership medicine is gaining physician attentionPatients pay fees for bundle of services instead of—or in addition to—going through insurance
Have patient portals lived up to their potential?The technology delivers on some promised benefits, but more progress is needed to maximize its value to practices