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How physicians can overcome socioeconomic obstacles to improve adherenceBuilding blocks to better health.
Making population health work for small practicesTechnology and workflow fixes are keys to success
Q&A: Refocusing physician-patient communicationIn the book, “What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear,” Danielle Ofri, an associate professor of medicine at the New York University School of Medicine, examines the state of physician-patient communication and what can be done to reduce the distractions and get back to focusing on improving the patient’s health.
Here's how to code for prolonged servicesThe correct way to code when evaluation and management is time-based.
Doctors’ salaries are not the problem behind rising U.S. healthcare costsIn the ongoing examination of U.S. healthcare costs, one economist has found the lone trouble spot: physician salaries.
Physician advice under 140 characters"Its the society we live in now. I find my patients listen to my advice more if I keep it under 140 characters."
3 key money matters for new medical practicesMany physicians don’t know where to begin when starting their own practice. Finding and getting referred to the right professional team often is the best first step.
Could your website be putting your medical license at risk?Failure to properly secure electronic Protected Health Information (PHI) can have drastic consequences.