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Your Voice: Refusing Medicare patients a reality
Stop suggesting physicians are ‘bought’ through pharma giftsSeeing a dollar amount next to a physician’s name without context is a dangerous practice
Consumer genomics: Next direction or next distraction?Patients are more interested in knowing their health risks than ever before.
Everything doctors need to know about new payment review strategiesWhat to do if you receive an outlier coding notice
Top risks and rewards of ACOsBeing part of an ACO can ease quality reporting burdens, but may also carry financial risk for member practices
How to pick the right communication solutionHealthcare workers can share confidential data between multiple people or applications easily and quickly while meeting HIPAA’s technical and administrative safeguard requirements.
How to improve care, hit quality metrics for COPD patientsIn the age of value-based care, helping patients manage this chronic condition becomes more important than ever
Where did Next Gen ACOs get their name?"They are called 'Next Gen' ACOs because ti will take a generation before they finally figure it all out."