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Preventive  and  E/M coding: What diagnoses go where?What diagnoses go where?
Here's how physicians can build the best care teamPracticing high-quality medicine requires collaboration and teamwork, but the first step is to build a talented staff
Physicians deserve more recognition for their hard work and dedicationMedical Economics is announcing its first-ever “ChangeMakers in Medicine” award.
A physician’s solution to rising healthcare demandsQualified medical assistants can help primary care practices become more efficient, reduce patient wait times and streamline patient processing, which ultimately increase patient satisfaction.
Best ways to boost practice performanceStarting out with clear priorities will help simplify process of finding the right plan, experts advise
Your Voice: “Curing an American Sickness” great idea, but more is required
How to protect equipment from ransomware attacksThe devices that reveal the inner workings of the human body can also expose healthcare organizations to lethal attacks by hackers
It’s time to champion healthcare price transparencyHow can we expect to control healthcare spending when the people providing and receiving the service have no information about costs until the bill or payment comes in?
The next wave of patient-centered health ITEmerging technologies focus on more intuitive tools to assist physicians, improve care