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How I learned to love my EHR and spend more time with patientsOne of my favorite consultants is an orthopedist. His reports consist of five lines or less.
5 mistakes doctors make that can cause big problemsPoor cash controls are still one of the most common risks we discover during our consultations.
Trump must listen to doctors before replacing ObamacareThe Affordable Care Act as we know it is about to meet its end.
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5 key coding opportunities in 2017Prepare for 5 key coding opportunities
6 tips to boost EHR productivityMany doctors complain that electronic health records (EHRs) drain their time, rather than create efficiencies. In fact, Deloitte’s 2016 Survey of U.S. Physicians found that seven out of 10 physicians think that EHRs reduce their productivity. Health IT experts say doctors can take these six steps to boost their productivity:
Is electronic prescribing a potential solution to the opioid crisis?Only two states mandate e-prescribing controlled substances, but most physicians can use it now
Resisting the cloud is futile for this physicianThere has been some cold feet to migrating all the information to this practice's cloud.
The physician at the IT tableONC Coordinator B. Vindell Washington, MD, reflects on leading U.S. health IT efforts and what’s next
Where is the future of primary care headed?While the transition may be rocky, primary care physicians are poised to take a leading role as care models change