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Mary K. Pratt
Considerations for participating in an HIE
EHRs enable exchange of patient records through health information exchanges, but making the record-sharing work isn’t seamless.
Finding the right point person for your EHR
Assigning a “superuser” can help optimize EHR use and minimize disruptions by bringing necessary support skills to your practice.
Cognitive computing will bring increased intelligence to EHRs
Health IT experts say technology’s ability to scan data promises significant efficiencies and can improve individualized care.
Cybersecurity report a call to action for physicians
Highlights industry issues, but physicians must take steps to keep their own patients’ data safe.
Physicians imagine a better EHR
Physicians and other experts offered these ideas, from practical improvements for solving today’s problems to visionary suggestions that could dramatically change how they practice.
To help physicians, EHRs must adapt to value-based care
There is growing concern that electronic health records (EHRs) will not meet physicians’ needs in a value-based care environment
Make the most of an EHR demo
Formulating what a practice wants to know when evaluating a new system in action can help ensure the best match.
Recent cyberattacks expose physician practice weaknesses
Security experts say small practices remain vulnerable but can take basic steps to help significantly reduce risk.
Top questions to ask when selecting a new EHR
Vendors don’t offer identical features and services, leaving physicians to determine which one offers the right fit.
Physicians dream up a better EHR
Here’s what features and functions vendors should add to improve their software for physicians.