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Mary K. Pratt
Pros and cons of keeping patient credit cards on file
Keeping credit card information on file can ensure patients pay their bills and that those payments come through promptly, but it comes with risks.
How to find the right EHR point person
Minimize or eliminate EHR frustration by dedicating a “superuser” in the practice.
The next wave of patient-centered health IT
Emerging technologies focus on more intuitive tools to assist physicians, improve care
Plan now for the inevitability of an EHR outage
Software systems can go down for a variety of reasons, but mitigation solutions can ensure your practice can manage through it.
Emerging features make more out of patient portals
Cutting-edge practices are enabling patients to do more via portals, and increasing engagement as a result.
6 critical actions practices must take for better cybersecurity
After more than a year at work, the Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force in June issued its report on what providers must do to better safeguard patient data.
Considerations for participating in an HIE
EHRs enable exchange of patient records through health information exchanges, but making the record-sharing work isn’t seamless.
Finding the right point person for your EHR
Assigning a “superuser” can help optimize EHR use and minimize disruptions by bringing necessary support skills to your practice.
Cognitive computing will bring increased intelligence to EHRs
Health IT experts say technology’s ability to scan data promises significant efficiencies and can improve individualized care.
Cybersecurity report a call to action for physicians
Highlights industry issues, but physicians must take steps to keep their own patients’ data safe.