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Jordan Rosenfeld
Empowering an entire team to prevent burnout
One Stanford clinic’s democratic approach to patient care has improved outcomes for the entire team.
The three-legged stool approach to physician burnout
Team-based communication and an emphasis on personal resilience have improved one medical system’s employee engagement by more than 20%.
Fighting physician burnout at three levels
The American Medical Association’s practice management tools aim to solve burnout at the level of individual practices and larger health systems.
Preventing burnout’s worst case scenario by embracing emotions
Encouraging physicians to talk about their mental health and practice self-care are important tools to prevent burnout and suicide.
Physicians should look inward to keep from burning out
How one physician turned his recovery from burnout into a leadership program that’s shifted the culture in his medical system.
Reducing the burdens of technology can restore joy to physicians
With thoughtful improvements to how technology is employed and measured, physicians can return to the joy of practice.
Trump vs. Hillary: The election's impact on physicians
Healthcare in the United States is truly at a crossroads with practice overhead costs rising, physician compensation falling and many independent practices pondering their futures amid multiplying mandates.
Medicare payment reform threatens independent practice
Medicare payment reform threatens independent practice
Critics of MACRA fear MIPS’s extensive reporting requirements, and physicians who choose the APM route may be signing the death warrant for their practices.
Obamacare receives a big, fat 'F' from physicians
Analysts and the nation’s physicians weigh in on how the Affordable Care Act has affected the daily practice of medicine
The future of the Affordable Care Act
The future of the Affordable Care Act
As the 2016 election heads for the home stretch, what will a new administration mean for the ACA?