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Janet Kidd Stewart
What do physicians owe their kids?
What do physicians owe their kids?
Impart values, consider what-ifs before calling the estate-planning attorney.
How physicians should watch their money carefully when moving on
When considering a practice merger or an opportunity to join a new group, keep a close eye on retirement accounts
Top 13 tax tips doctors need to know for 2016
Tax season is inching closer—Here's everything what physicians should do to prepare.
Mistakes doctors cannot make when buying or selling a practice
Mistakes doctors cannot make when buying or selling a practice
In the process of buying or selling a practice, emotional issues can sometimes overwhelm financial ones. Fear of losing autonomy or worry over inevitable culture clashes often crowd out basic financial considerations, but it’s crucial not to overlook them.
Private equity firms show appetite for medical practices
Private equity deals for physician-led practices continued to grow in 2015, and experts say the trend should seep into more types of practices as buyers look to roll them up through economies of scale. So how do these deals compare with selling to a hospital or large group, and what are the financial mine fields to avoid?
Not married? Protect your finances stat!
Not married? Protect your finances stat!
Unmarried couples are facing new pressures to tie the knot now that same-sex unions have been federally legalized and some companies are planning to repeal benefits unless couples are legally married. And yet, many singles seem to be resisting marriage.
7 financial challenges facing physicians in 2016
It shouldn’t be surprising that more and more practices are struggling to maintain financial stability. To stay above the pack, here are seven financial challenges physicians will face in the coming new year and advice on how to avoid their pitfalls.
Budgeting for retirement: Make a plan and stick to it
Creating a budget has never been easier, but sticking to one takes real work
Cutting costs to help your practice thrive
With reimbursement changes coming, practices need to watch every penny