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Janet Kidd Stewart
ICD-10 changes could impact practice cash flow
ICD-10 changes could impact practice cash flow
The coding change hasn’t put a financial hit on most physicians, but that could change as of October 1.
Make smarter decisions with practice benefit dollars
How to build an attractive employee benefit package that doesn’t break the bank.
Top 8 tips to reboot your practice
With all the pressures facing independent practices—from adjusting to value-based payments to meeting the growing demands of patients—business innovators may provide some key practice management lessons.
Tips for physicians to retain more revenue
From booking to billing, control your overhead.
How physicians can negotiate narrow networks
Top 11 ways physicians can get the most out of CME on a budget
Tips to get the most for your continuing medical education spending.
10 ways physicians can prepare for value-based pay
Ways physicians can ready their practices for the future of reimbursement.
Determining how much life insurance to buy
Online life insurance calculators, like the one offered by Bankrate, ask how much survivors will need to spend annually, and for how long. The Bankrate calculator also asks about children and current non-retirement savings.
How physicians can determine life insurance needs
Physicians should carry levels of coverage that complement their family’s financial game plan, experts say.