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Janet Kidd Stewart
The payer time drain: dealing with prior authorizations
Despite recent moves to streamline the prior authorization process, physicians still struggle mightily as they jump through payers’ hoops.
Patient discounts the fine line between leniency and liability
Reducing fees out of kindness should be done properly to avoid potential legal problems
2016 Financial Playbook
With physician pay on the rise by some measures, now is a good time for doctors to take stock of how to keep more of those dollars in their pocket.
Buying versus leasing How to make the right choice
A sound financial decision on real estate and equipment requires considering unique circumstances.
Salaries soar for doctors, so why aren't they happy?
Doctors' pay is slowly but steadily improving, Medicare’s sustainable growth rate is a thing of the past and demand for primary care physicians is surging under the Affordable Care Act. So why aren’t doctors happier when it comes to their salaries?
ICD-10 changes could impact practice cash flow
ICD-10 changes could impact practice cash flow
The coding change hasn’t put a financial hit on most physicians, but that could change as of October 1.
Make smarter decisions with practice benefit dollars
How to build an attractive employee benefit package that doesn’t break the bank.
Top 8 tips to reboot your practice
With all the pressures facing independent practices—from adjusting to value-based payments to meeting the growing demands of patients—business innovators may provide some key practice management lessons.