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Keith L. Martin
Physicians have fought against fake news for years
You may blame it for the results of the presidential election. You may see it as the byproduct of the Internet run amok.
The physician at the IT table
ONC Coordinator B. Vindell Washington, MD, reflects on leading U.S. health IT efforts and what’s next
Trump must listen to doctors before replacing Obamacare
The Affordable Care Act as we know it is about to meet its end.
Dear President-elect Trump:  It’s time to bring doctors to the table
Dear President-elect Trump: It’s time to bring doctors to the table
President-elect Donald J. Trump campaigned on a promise to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act with better health plans and healthcare for all Americans.
Physicians can’t serve patients alone
Face it: Patients today are OK with not seeing a physician when it comes to their care.
MACRA: Small practice hug or regulatory choke hold?
Let me state this from the start: I believe CMS Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt when he says that the rules of his agency’s Medicare reimbursement reform don’t slight small practices and are designed to make it easier to report quality data.
Patient satisfaction surveys are good in principle, bad for practices
Patient satisfaction surveys are here to stay and, used correctly, can perhaps add value. But with all the information available today to patients, they will simply “rate” you with their feet, leaving for another provider if truly dissatisfied—no survey necessary, saving everyone a lot of time and energy.
MACRA won’t kill private practice says CMS’ Slavitt
New Medicare reimbursement rules will focus on uniqueness of independent practices vs. single them out, says administrator.
It's tme for EHRs to solve problems for doctors rather than cause them
For this year’s Medical Economics EHR Report, we wanted to get right to the heart of the matter regarding what’s working and what’s not with electronic health record systems, so we went to the experts: you, our readers.
An open letter to the next president
While the closest we got to healthcare during the campaign was the fate of the Affordable Care Act—and perhaps your own personal health—physicians (nearly one million strong at last count) are facing a number of serious issues as you prepare to take the oath and move into the White House.