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Keith L. Martin
Addressing the physician shortage through early mentoring
ChangeMaker Ira Rubin, MD, and his son, Zachary, discuss the value of reaching out to young people interested in medicine to make today’s students tomorrow’s physicians.
Penalizing doctors for pharma ties is a misguided overreach of power
Sometimes when trying to fix one problem, you end up creating many, many more.
Fostering the next generation of physicians
Fostering the next generation of physicians
"People always ask me where I find the time, but you know what, I make the time to teach these students."
Medical student education, CMS rules clash on EHR use
Medical students are encouraged to get EHR experience, but federal billing rules are hindering some educational lessons at practices and hospitals
What King v. Burwell Could Mean for Medical Practices
Anders Gilberg of the Medical Group Management Association discusses the effect of a Supreme Court decision challenging part of the Affordable Care Act.