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Karen Appold
How the Flu’s Severity Will Effect Healthcare Spending
The flu epidemic is taking a toll on the U.S. healthcare system. Here's how health insurers can curtail spending on flu care.
Trump’s impact on ACA enrollment: What you need to know
How did Trump’s actions in 2017 impact the health insurance marketplace and enrollment numbers? Find out.
Three ways to combat sexual harassment in healthcare organizations
More reports of sexual harassment in the workplace are arising every day. It’s time to rethink your prevention strategies.
Eight ways doctors can address the opioid epidemic
As the opioid epidemic rages, doctors and hospitals should consider these tips and strategies employed by other organizations.
New high blood pressure guideline healthcare cost impact
Fifty percent of Americans have high blood pressure, per new guidelines. Here’s how those guidelines could affect medication utilization and healthcare spending.
Four healthcare policy changes to watch in 2018
Four healthcare policy changes to watch in 2018
Insiders unmask what policy actions will continue and what will develop in the next year.
Top 2018 challenges healthcare executives face
Top 2018 challenges healthcare executives face
Experts weigh in on the findings from Managed Healtcare Executive’s 2017 State of the Industry Survey.
Top ways to curtail gender bias in healthcare
Gender bias in patient care has damaging effects, especially for women.
Three things to know about Trump’s HHS lead pick Azar
Experts share more about Alex Azar’s background and predict what his top agenda items are likely to be.
Open enrollment: 7 ways Trump’s actions could impact uninsured rate
The key changes the Trump Administration has made that could make it more difficult for consumers to sign up for healthcare coverage.