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Keith Griffin
Strategies for primary care physicians to handle prescription medication requests
While direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription medications means patients are coming to the doctor with drug-related requests, some see an opportunity to educate.
Narrow Networks: Obamacare's broken promise and how doctors and patients can fight back
Several states are considering variations on “any willing provider” laws that would make payers accept broader provider networks.
Federal judge slaps UnitedHealthcare with injunction hours before dropping thousands of physicians from Medicare Advantage network
Two Connecticut medical associations won a temporary injunctive order against UnitedHealthcare in federal court hours before the insurer was set to drop thousands of doctors and patients from its rolls.
Physicians gather to fight UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare network cancellations
The Hartford County and Fairfield County medical associations in Connecticut took their fight against UnitedHealthcare to a town hall meeting November 26, in front of prominent federal and state legislators.