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Rose Schneider Krivich
Rose is the content specialist for Medical Economics.
You can now track your fitness with your glasses
You can now track your fitness with your glasses
A novel eyewear prototype wants to be the solution for those seeking wearable technology to track fitness and activities, but hate the bulky equipment that is required to be worn on wrists or clothing.
Top EHR complaints and how to solve them
It has been established that implementing electronic health records (EHR) has not been well received by physicians. Complaints of EHR costs and complications are among a laundry list of concerns physicians have voiced since the system’s mandated adoption. Ophthalmology Times asked three EHR experts to list the most common complaints they have heard physicians experience while addressing the implementation, and their advice on solving these issues.
Smartphone app rivals charts when testing eyesight
Smartphone app rivals charts when testing eyesight
A smartphone lens adapter and app that allows users to conduct extensive eye exams on patients is as accurate as traditional charts, according to a recent study.
Top med school regrets
Mark Packer, MD, explains what he wish he knew in med school.
Inside the mind of the evolving eyewear consumer
The eyewear market is changing more rapidly than ever, and it is no longer acceptable to sell the same way to each consumer. Staying up-to-date on how to leverage unique marketing to every generation is the key to success.
Worst places to practice in 2015
Did your state make the list?
Over-prescribing steroids to treat allergic conjunctivitis leads to SIG
Ophthalmologists are over-prescribing steroids to treat vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC) and causing an increase of steroid-induced glaucoma (SIG) in children, according to a recent study publish in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.
Best ophthalmic hospitals in the U.S.
In preparation for U.S. News World & Report’s annual best ophthalmic hospitals for 2015—which will be announced next month—we have compiled the news site’s list of the top programs from last year. These 10 hospitals were coined the best for difficult cases and procedures by at least 5% of ophthalmology respondents to U.S. News’ surveys in 2012, 2013, and 2014.
Top 10 healthcare advancements over past 20 years
In honor of Medscape’s 20th anniversary, the site polled experts and advisors to analyze the past two decades and tell them what the biggest healthcare advances have been. From that list, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 advances most impactful to ophthalmologists and why Medscape nominated each category as the best of the best.
Patients who lost eye insist they can still ‘see’
Patients who had an eye removed from cancer surgery may experience sensations of seeing out of the missing eye—a phenomenon known as phantom eye syndrome—which can lead to anxiety and depression, according to a recent study.