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Roy W. Breitenbach
Protect your practice with a restrictive covenant
The most common healthcare restrictive covenant is a non-competition covenant.
Malpractice insurance: Understanding the importance of coverage limits
When shopping for a medical malpractice liability insurance policy, most physicians focus on premium costs. But physicians shopping for a malpractice policy should also focus on getting the right coverage limits.
Complying with disability rules for hearing-impaired patients
One area of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance that can be confusing for medical practices is the obligation to provide sign language interpreting services to patients who are deaf and hard of hearing. That requirement is more stringent than many realize.
What physicians need to know about restrictive covenants
The mention of restrictive covenants provokes an almost visceral reaction among most physicians. They temporarily control how physicians can practice, and how they can obtain new patients. But keep in mind these covenants are, for the most part, enforceable.